We need your help

We need your help

Thank you so much for all your support, positive messages and enthusiasm since we've launched Bonjour Bakehouse last year! 

It has been an amazing journey so far, thanks to all of you, our community, our customers, our advocates. 

Today, as many of our friends who own a Small Local Business, we need your help. And one way to help us is to buy Gift Certificates, so that we can pay our bills during the time we need to shut down in order to respect Social Distancing and do our part to Bend the Curve.  

You can buy Gift Certificates from your favorite restaurants and businesses now. Give them as gifts to friends and family, donate them to local hospitals, fire department, police stations... Or save them for later to doll out as birthday presents.

Anything will help! Here is a link to help you find your other favorite restaurants and food local businesses: Save Our Faves

And please don't forget: wash your hand, don't touch your face, keep your distances, stay home if you can and stay safe!