Gourmet Gift Box - Passion Fruit + Scones

Gourmet Gift Box - Passion Fruit + Scones

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For this gourmet Gift Box, we have focussed on an amazing orange fruit that grows so well in Ireland: the Passion Fruit!! These sweet delicious treats will make your day or get you a lot of points :)

Our super soft and flaky scones have a delicate combination of butter and mascarpone for a deliciously soft inside and a crisp caramelized sugar coating on the ouside.  They're a perfect way to experience our seasonal passion fruit dulce de fruita. It’s a taste of heaven with every bite. 

Makes a great hostess gift!

This Gift Box contains 6 scones and 1 jar of dulce de passion fruit.

Scones: All purpose flour, mascarpone, salt, milk, eggs, butter, sugar

Dulce de Passion Fruit:  Passion Fruit puree, sugar, cream, butter