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💕 Mon Coeur - 1 Jar of Cookie Mix - Chocolate Chip G 🍪


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Fresh daily baked cookies and pastries, made with only the best ingredients, packaged in full compostable 100% plastic free packaging, shipping nationwide, san francisco bakery

Celebrate love with our delightful Valentine's Day Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix!

This easy-to-use mix is crafted with premium ingredients, ensuring each bite is a celebration of sweet indulgence. Create heartwarming moments by baking up a batch of irresistibly chewy and decadent chocolate chip cookies in the comfort of your home. 🍪🍪

With simple instructions, this mix is perfect for both seasoned bakers and beginners, making it a delightful activity to share with a loved one.

Surprise your Valentine with the heavenly aroma and homemade goodness of these heart-shaped cookies – a delicious way to spread love on this special day!


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