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1 Jar of Cookie Mix - St Paddy's - Chocolate Chip R 🍀


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Fresh daily baked cookies and pastries, made with only the best ingredients, packaged in full compostable 100% plastic free packaging, shipping nationwide, san francisco bakery

This year, crank the craic to ninety with baking your own chocolate chips cookies! It’s no secret that cookies are one of the favorite things to bake.

There’s nothing better than fresh baked desserts. So these mason jar cookies are the perfect present, so that friends and family can bake them when they’re reading to enjoy a treat. You'll receive the perfect cookie mix to make our delicious Chocolate Chips cookies in one nice package. Try them, it's fun and you can't go wrong. This box contains the dry ingredients for making Chocolate chip cookies as well as the recipes that goes along with it.

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