12 Boo - Monster Assorted Cookies
12 Boo - Monster Assorted Cookies

12 Boo - Monster Assorted Cookies

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It's time to step up your Halloween game this year!

Share the spirit of Halloween by sending the best tricks and most delicious treats to your family and friends. 

You'll receive a festive mix of Gluten Free, Chocolate Chips with Peanut Butter M&M's and Black & Orange Sugar Cookies with Confetti and plenty more to decorate your party. Every box will receive one of these inside as well as colored crinkled paper. 

Gluten Free Chocolate: Semisweet chocolate, butter, eggs, cornstarch, sea salt, cocoa powder and baking powder and cocoa powder
Chocolate Chip with Peanut butter M&M’s: Unbleached flour, white sugar, brown sugar, cage-free whole eggs, baking soda, non-GMO baking powder, Maldon sea salt, butter, semi sweet chocolate chunk & vanilla extract and Peanut butter M&M’s
Black & Orange Sugar Cookies: Unbleached flour, white sugar, cage-free whole eggs, non-GMO baking powder, sea salt, butter, vanilla extract, rainbow jimmies and orange or black crystallized sugar