Assorted Mini Doughnuts

Assorted Mini Doughnuts

Meet the elevated doughnut … a deliciously filled brioche puff.  It’s a soft brioche dough rolled in organic sugar with a refreshing fruit filling that we call dulce de fruita which comes in Raspberry Spice, Lemon Zinger and Intense Dark Chocolate Ganache. 

Can't decide?  Let us decide for you.  You'll receive our current favorites in one nice package.  Try them all, you can't go wrong.

Doughnuts: Flour, eggs, milk, yeast, salt, butter, vanilla extract, and organic sugar 

Intense Dark Chocolate Ganache:  Chocolate 60%, cream, cocoa powder Valhrona, salted butter

Dulce de Fruita: Fruit puree, sugar, cream, butter