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Bienvenue to our Bakehouse

Crafting Passion into Pastries! πŸ₯ At Bonjour Bakehouse, every creation is a blend of tradition, innovation, and love. Dive into a world where quality local ingredients meet artful baking, and each bite tells a story. Discover the Bonjour difference today!

Meet our team

Our team of passionate bakers poursΒ  expertise, creativity and heart into everything they create. At Bonjour, it's not just about the ingredients but the hands that craft them. Together, we bake memories β€” one delicacy at a time

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come say bonjour

Step up to our inviting coffee shop window and let the aroma draw you in. With every order, embark on a culinary journey, best savored at our cozy outdoor seating. Experience the ambiance, indulge in the flavors, and let Bonjour become your favorite spot. Come, taste the magic alfresco!

about our coffeeshop

Making the dough

Cutting & Shaping

Le Croissant!

  • best kept neighborhood secret 🀫

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Eco-friendly and delicious

Our commitment to flavor is only rivaled by our dedication to the environment. Every package you receive from us is compostable and eco-friendly, ensuring that our delicious pastries leave only memories, not footprints. With Bonjour, savor the taste and embrace sustainability.

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