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About Us

The heart behind our delightful pastries. Our team, a blend of seasoned artisans and innovative bakers, pours passion, expertise, and creativity into every creation. At Bonjour, it's not just about the ingredients but the hands that craft them. Together, we bake memories, one delicacy at a time. Join us on this flavorful journey!

The Bonjour Bakehouse team in our San Francisco Bay area bakery

Ingrid & Francois - the dynamic Duo!

Ingrid and François, a dynamic French duo, are the proud owners of Bonjour Bakehouse in San Mateo, California. With a shared passion for authentic French baking, they bring a taste of France to the local community. Their bakery is celebrated for its exceptional all kinds of delicious baked goods, all crafted with traditional techniques and high-quality local ingredients. Ingrid's creativity and François' expertise make Bonjour Bakehouse a beloved destination for anyone seeking genuine French flavors and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

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Meet the talented team behind Bonjour Bakehouse: Ingrid and François, co-owners who bring their passion and expertise. Alongside them, our skilled bakers meticulously craft each pastry and loaf, ensuring every bite is a taste of authentic French baking. Our friendly barista and vendors provide exceptional coffee and service, creating the perfect complement to our baked goods. Together, this dedicated team creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, making Bonjour Bakehouse a beloved destination for delightful culinary experiences.

Meet François

Francois is a real life French pastry chef, yep straight from France.  Well, not straight from France but that's where he grew up and eventually trained for 6 years.  He furthered his training in the US (in San Francisco with La Boulange), Japan where he was the Executive Pastry Chef for one of the top French restaurants in Tokyo (Austral), and then to Canada (where he was a pastry teacher and owner of Et voila!). More recently, he was the Executive Pastry Chef for Doughbies.    

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Meet Ingrid

Ingrid grew up with baking wisdom from her grandma and mom, developing a passion for French pastries early on. Initially a mechanical engineer, she later explored management consulting and venture capitalism, but her heart was always in the kitchen. Her love for baking evolved from French classics to experimenting with renowned pastry chefs' recipes. After burnout in Silicon Valley, baking became her lifeline, leading her to partner with François, a talented French pastry chef, to build a thriving bakery.

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Meet Martha

Martha, our head baker at Bonjour Bakehouse, is the heart and soul of our kitchen. With her extensive experience and dedication to her craft, she ensures that every pastry and cookie is baked to perfection, delighting our customers of all ages. Her passion for baking and attention to detail make each treat a delicious masterpiece.

Maria finishing a gorgeous latte at our coffee shop between Burlingame and San Matteo

Meet Maria

Maria, our barista extraordinaire at Bonjour Bakehouse, is a master of her craft. Her expert knowledge of coffee and friendly demeanor ensure that every cup she brews is a perfect complement to our baked goods, creating a warm and inviting experience for all our customers.

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