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Our Partners

Salt Water Bakeshop

Salt Water Bakeshop is our amazing Boulanger partner, providing us with freshly baked croissants, chocolatines, loafs and baguettes! At Saltwater Bakeshop, they believe that you must not only have passion, but also a love for what you do and the people you do it for.

Discover Pastel

We are partnering with Pastel to deliver our freshly baked goods throughout the Bay area!Pastel's mission is to be the best growth partner a local business has. They know that if they serve these businesses well, everyone will benefit – a richer ecosystem of creative businesses will make more products that add delight to our lives, and they'll create more stable jobs that will make our communities more successful.

Allard Farm

Allard Farm is our provider of fresh in season organic fruits for all our pastries! The Allard Family has been farming in California for three generations. Originally a farming family from Iowa, Glenn and Alma Allard moved to California in 1909. They now sell their fresh and locally grown fruits & nuts in seven farmers' markets

Ikon Coffee

Ikon Coffee is our partner in crime at our window shop in San Mateo to provide you with delicious and beautiful speciality coffee. The Ikon team is an eclectic collection of happily caffeinated coffee enthusiasts.

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