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Happy Birthday Gift Box - Chocolate Chip Cookies and Coffee R


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Fresh daily baked cookies and pastries, made with only the best ingredients, packaged in full compostable 100% plastic free packaging, shipping nationwide, san francisco bakery

Want to wish someone a Happy Birthday? These decadent treats are a fantastic way to show friends, family & co-workers you're thinking of them. Wrapped and boxed in our eco-friendly packaging with a decorative Happy Birthday sticker, full of our finest hand-baked goods...there's SO much to celebrate! Each box contains an assortment of cookies. And is decorated with our gorgeous "Happy Birthday" sticker!

This is the best gift ever! Who wouldn't want a dash of Caffeinated Carl the Fog and delicious home baked cookies? This will make anyone's day so much brighter and sweeter.

 ☕️  +  🍪  = ❤️ !

This box will contain an assortment of our favorite cookies and a pack of Carl the Fog Ikon Whole Coffee Beans.


Chocolate Chip:  unbleached flour, white sugar, brown sugar, cage-free whole eggs, baking soda, non-GMO baking powder, Maldon sea salt, butter, semi sweet chocolate chunk & vanilla extract 

Coffee Beans:  Carl the Fog roasted whole coffee beans from Ikon coffee. 

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