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About Bonjour Bakehouse

About Bonjour Bakehouse

At Bonjour Bakehouse, we are thriving to create the perfectly prepared treat with the finest ingredients, our baked goods range from the classic chocolate chip cookie to a delicious brioche filled doughnut.

We make all our pastries from scratch and bake them each day with only ingredients that you can pronounce. Even the fillings are made in house with the best seasonal ingredients. 

Our promise: 

  • No preservatives
  • No fillers
  • No artificial flavors
  • No shortcuts

By only accepting scheduled orders, we are able to avoid the considerable wastes that any bakery has; reducing wastes allows us to use the best ingredients without changing our prices.

And because we really care about our environment (and yours!) all our products are wrapped with fully compostable materials, including our product wrappers that look like plastic, but are corn-based! 

We have just the treat for any sweet tooth: exellent for the body and the soul. 

C'est bon!

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