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About François

About François

Francois is a real life French pastry chef, yep straight from France.  Well, not straight from France but that's where he grew up and eventually trained for 6 years.  He furthered his training in the US (in San Francisco with La Boulange), Japan where he was the Executive Pastry Chef for one of the top French restaurants in Tokyo (Austral), and then to Canada (where he was a pastry teacher and owner of Et voila!). More recently, he was the Executive Pastry Chef for Doughbies.     

He has a true passion for creating delicious products, supporting the local community and helping to sustain the environment.  Francois is very committed to his creations being sourced locally using the cleanest and healthiest ingredients and then being wrapped in sustainable packaging.

He brings his French training, creative energy, baking expertise and passion for the local community and the environment into every delicious thing that comes out of his kitchen.  

C’est délicieux!

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