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Ikon Coffee Bags Roasted in San Francisco

Ikon Coffee

The Ikon team is an eclectic collection of happily caffeinated coffee enthusiasts.

Upon tasting his first transcendental cup of coffee in 2011, roaster Marcel took one sip that would change his life forever. This particular brew immediately quieted his inner monologue and lifted the fog of his focus. In that moment, he was hooked – not just on coffee – but on the idea that coffee could be this good. In that moment, his life took a course correction, sending him on a personal quest to understand the science and art of crafting exceptional coffee.

Together with Marcel, the Ikon team is committed to the best beans, equipment, practices, and of course, intentions. Our full-service menu of offerings allows us to provide seed-to-cup education and exceptional products for our single-bag and wholesale customers alike.

Pooring an Ikon Coffee latte is an art
Delicious coffee is a subjective experience. Delivering that experience is a job (and pleasure) that we take personally because a fantastic cup of coffee is as close to a real-life hero as we’ve ever come.



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