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Allard Farm

Allard Farm

The Allard Family has been farming in California for three generations. Originally a farming family from Iowa, Glenn and Alma Allard moved to California in 1909. As time went on and business grew, they started looking for different ways to share their farm nutritious product with people all over our area.

They now sell their fresh and locally grown fruits & nuts in seven farmers' markets, as well as their farm stands in Westley and their newest farm stand in Byron, California.

Francois Bonjour Bakehouse Owner Getting Organic Fruits from Alice Allard at the Farmers Market in San Mateo

If you stop by one of their stands you might meet Guy Allard and his wife, Alice. Together Guy and Alice operate all nine locations as well as farm some of the delicious fruits and nuts you can find in our markets.

The Allards are also is raising their two children, Guy and Reagan. While still young, the Allard kids have a very important job on the farm, official taste testers.


Allard Farm Organic Fresh Fruits at the Farmers Market in San Mateo
We're eager to share the deliciousness of their truly fresh and local produce and can't wait for you to meet them at the farmers markets!


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