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Salt Water Bakeshop

Salt Water Bakeshop

Saltwater Bakeshop was opened in 2018 by Chef Brittany Dunn with the goal of developing a menu that is deeply influenced by the classics while also incorporating unique and thoughtful flavor combinations.

Chef Brittany Dunn Owner of Salt Water Bakeshop 

Working out of a commissary kitchen in San Mateo, what began as a one woman show has grown into a small but dedicated team of bakers that produces a variety of naturally leavened breads and perfectly flaky croissants on a weekly basis at several farmer’s markets in San Francisco. They prioritize high quality, organic ingredients often sourced from those same markets.


Salt Water Bakeshop fresh and organic croissants

At Saltwater Bakeshop, they believe that you must not only have passion, but also a love for what you do and the people you do it for.

With just one taste you’ll know that they live by those words

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