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Discover Pastel

Discover Pastel

Pastel is Humans first!

Pastel's mission is to be the best growth partner a local business has. They know that if they serve these businesses well, everyone will benefit – a richer ecosystem of creative businesses will make more products that add delight to our lives, and they'll create more stable jobs that will make our communities more successful.

Pastel delivery service is Community oriented and serves to Bay Area
They are Maker Friendly
They charge makers a sustainable 10% commission so they can grow. Compare that to 30% on delivery platforms and 50% in grocery stores.

They are an Ethical Employer
Their drivers are employees, not contractors, with top-market pay, health benefits, and PTO. It's how they create a better world together.

They enable Customer Access
Pick up your favorite makers, regardless of where you live in the Bay Area. Support small biz while skipping long commutes and lines.


Pastel is Bonjour Bakehouse delivery service throughout the Bay area and san francisco

Pastel is the deliver service for Bonjour Bakehouse throughout the Bay Area and San Francisco.

The driving idea behind Pastel: small businesses are stronger, and customers are happier, when we all band together.

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