About Us

About our Packaging

We have spent a lot of time thinking about and looking for our packaging. As we really care about our environment (and yours!) all our products are wrapped with 100% plastic-free, fully compostable, materials. And yes, this includes our product wrappers that look like plastic: they are corn-based!.. and easily recognizable thanks to the noise that they make :) 

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About François

Francois is a real life French pastry chef, yep straight from France.  Well, not straight from France but that's where he grew up and eventually trained for 6 years.  He furthered his training in the US (in San Francisco with La Boulange), Japan where he was the Executive Pastry Chef for one of the top French restaurants in Tokyo (Austral), and then to Canada (where he was a pastry teacher and owner of Et voila!). More recently, he was the Executive Pastry Chef for Doughbies. 

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About Bonjour Bakehouse

At Bonjour Bakehouse, we are thriving to create the perfectly prepared treat with the finest ingredients, our baked goods range from the classic chocolate chip cookie to a delicious brioche filled doughnut. We have just the treat for any sweet tooth.  C'est bon!

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